Hoping to see you at our meetings 2nd Tue of each month, West Brem Pancake House, 7pm

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All Around Mopars Car Club

All Around Mopars (A non-profit organization)

All Around Mopars (A non-profit organization)

All Around Mopars (A non-profit organization)All Around Mopars (A non-profit organization)


A bit about my vehicles; mostly Mopars

 My current MoPars
1965 Barracuda – the “GerriCuda” flat red with flames & side pipes!
1965 Barracuda Formula S
1966 Barracuda (parts car)
Past MoPars – in somewhat chronological order
1950 Plymouth Cranbrook
1962 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible Big Block 361??
1962 Plymouth 2 door sedan (Belvedere?) Big Block – ex Oregon state car, HD suspension, sure grip probably a 383.
1965 Barracuda Commando 4 speed Black with Red interior –  13” wheels and tiny brakes. Eventually home to a 392 Hemi. And an 8 ¾ rear end!
1955 Rambler American 2 door post (very straight – and Rambler light green)
About this time I bought a 59 Corvette – then got involved in sports car racing for several years. (not the Vette) No MoPars for quite a while.
1999 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins
1977 Dodge D-200 Camper Van (one of the looong ones!)
Someplace in here I ended up with the 1965 Barracuda Formula S that my Father bought new. Still have that one and am working on it – it is roadworthy and I took it to the 2020 New Years Cruise in Silverdale.
1965 Barracuda Formula S – one of the first ones ever built – passed on to a father & son.
1965 Barracuda V8 – the “GerriCuda”. So named because I bought it from a character named Gerry, who did a lot of um, Interesting, work to the car. It is kind of a 60s – 70s retro cruiser, mildly modified 318, 4 speed, side pipes, big wheels (with about ½” too much offset) and tires (that rub if the air shocks are not pumped up) on the back. The front suspension is jacked up about as far as it will go. Some nice work done tho – a lot of $$ spent on the interior. Fun car! Or is that funk car?

In the Family – My Grandfather drove MoPars (or Ramblers “Nashes” or Studebaker Trucks)
My Father had several MoPars – including a couple I got from him
I have had MoPars in the past – I diverged, but I am back!
AND recently, my oldest son shocked the heck out of me when he bought a 2018(?) Challenger Plus! I really figured he would get a Honda or a Volvo or something like that. Nope. Guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree!

Dream MoPar
Dang – I gotta choose just one!?
I really like the second gen Barracudas and would love to have one set up in a Pro Touring style.
But then, there are the mid sixties Super Stock type cars that really get me going (A990, Max Wedge, etc. part of my youth, I guess.)
Love the early GTX cars.
Hmm – wouldn’t mind having an SRT Charger. Or Challenger. Or……