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All Around Mopars Car Club

All Around Mopars
(A non-profit organization)

AAM Club By Laws

By Laws


Revised 03/10/17

Purpose:  The purpose of All Around Mopars (AAM) car club is to promote the restoration and preservation of all makes, models, and years of pure Mopar autos and trucks produced by the Chrysler Corporation, and to have fun doing so.

Article I


The officers of AAM shall be a president, vice president, administrative assistant, and event coordinator.

Terms of office:

Terms will be for 24 months from January through the 2nd December after an election. Officers will then be elected every other year unless an elected officer deems that they are unable to continue in the position for  the two year time frame.  That person may resign their position at which time there will be a special election to elect someone to that position.  If the newly elected officer is voted into the same position during the next election, then the two year limit will be waived do to the special election.  After an absence from office for one year, a member may run for the same office again.  An officer must be present at 75% of club meetings over their two year term, or they must resign their position.

Duties of club officers:


* Presides of over club meetings
* Officiates voting
* Acts as club representative at any public AAM function.

Vice president:

* Presides over meetings/functions in absence of president.
* Maintains club checking account.
* Writes, signs, and distributes any club checks.
* Acts as club representative in absence of the president.

Administrative assistant:

* Records minutes of all club meetings, and provides a copy to the membership prior to the next meeting.
* Processes membership applications, and maintains an accurate up to date membership roster.

Event coordinator:

* Organizes monthly club events.
* AAM point of contact for other car clubs.

Article II


The official AAM meeting will be held at 7:00pm on the second Tuesday of each month.  Special meetings may be called as deemed necessary by the AAM president.

Article III


The membership of AAM shall be limited to 100 persons.
Membership may be revoked for just cause at any time by a majority vote held at any AAM meeting.  Just cause will include but not be limited to:  Unlawful conduct, or any action which discredits AAM.
Membership is required for participation in AAM functions.

Article IV

Member duties and responsibilities:
An exclusive membership to AAM is not required but ownership of a pure Chrysler produced car/truck is.  Annual dues shall be paid in the amount of $20.00, and prorated to $10.00 for new members who join after 30 December.  Dues cover one member and an associate member.  Annual dues must be paid in full no later than the regularly scheduled May AAM meeting.

Article V

Club funds distribution:

Normal upkeep and routine expenditures for club operations shall be allowed at the discretion of AAM officers.  All other expenditures require a majority vote at a club meeting.

Article VI

Operating procedures:

The Bylaws shall govern the actions of AAM.

1)  These operating procedures may be amended by a two- 
     thirds majority vote at any regularly scheduled or   
     special AAM meeting.  Notice of any intended changes  
     or amendments shall be given to the membership in  
     writing no less than ten days prior to such a meeting.

2)  All other decisions of the club shall be by a majority 
     vote of the members present at an official meeting, 
     unless an exception is stated elsewhere in these 

Article VII

Terry Thomas Award

Beginning in 2007, The Terry Thomas Award will be voted on during the November club meeting each year and the winner of the award will be announced at the December meeting.